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Dr. Charles Reznikoff and Dr. Chris Johnson, members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, are honored to have … [read more]


On November 18, 2015 SRHF held their first rural “First Responder Train the Trainer” class for opioid overdose … [read more]


An audio interview with Foundation President Judy Rummler appeared on the website of the American Free Press on November … [read more]


Overnight, on October 29, there were 5 overdoses in the Twin Cities in the space of one hour. The likely culprit is a … [read more]

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Thank you for your contribution to the Indiegogo Campaign! Here you will find your toolkit to … [read more]

Click here to view our calendar with all of our upcoming events … [read more]

Randy Anderson and Denise La Mere-Anderson will be holding a social media tutorial in early … [read more]

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